WLHS Drama 1934

  • WLHS Drama - 1934

    1934 Junior Play - "Rosita"

    "Rosita" was successfully presented on April 13. It was directed by the coaches Miss Moffatt and Mr. Main. The managers were Emma Matile and Esther Lange.

    1934 Junior Play cast


    Isadore Herbst, Norman Barnes, Marie Morrison, Dorothy Young, Florence Thompson, Lloyd Whitten, Lucille Draper, Howard Skinner, Virginia Davis, Gus Meyers, and Bill Stricklin.

    1934 Senior Play - "Girl Shy"

    It performed on December 8 with a well-selected cast of characters; Margarete Baker, the business manager; Miss Lundy and Mr. Oppenlander, the directors of the play; and the cooperation of the Student Body made the success of this play possible.

    1934 Senior Play cast


    Everett Gary, Kenneth Elliot, Wayne Larson, Lillith Dougan, Helen Cummings, Arlene Kiechel, Ruth Friedrich, Wallace Hardesty, Wilma White, George Harrington, Mina Davidson, and Jess Berard.

    1934 Opera 

    On Friday, February 23, the combined glee clubs presented a comical opera entitled, "The Marriage of Nannette" with the help of the orchestra under the direction of Fred H. Wade. Miss Nancy Ann Lovett directed all dances. Paul Treiber was business manager. Mr. Shearer and Alfred Anderson had charge of stage construction, lighting effects, and stage managing. Miss Lundy and Miss Edgerton assisted with make-up, and Mrs. Wade managed the costuming of both cast and chorus.

    The setting of the Opera is in the French Village of Champs-des-Fleurs, during the early part of the eighteenth century.

    1934 Opera Cast