• Sports 1933


    Boys Baseball 1933
    Up to the present time the Lions have won two games and lost four. Again this year West Linn was handicapped by not having practice, due to the weather.
    Our best game was played with Woodburn with the score 7-5 in our favor. Wanker and Rawlins hammered out 2 home runs apiece to win the game. 


    Harvey Wenner - Catcher
    Burton Swope - Pitcher
    Don Ralwins - First Base
    Gus Meyers - Second Base
    Anderson - Shortstop
    Bud Swinney - Third Base
    Read - Left Field
    Oscar Wanker - Center Field
    Hardy Young - Right Field
    Baurer - Pitcher
    Al Berard - Right Field

    Boys Basketball 1933

    West Linn started the season with one letterman, Henry Irish, and the others were green players. At mid-season Campbell and Karbonski, two lettermen from last year, replaced two of the green players. West Linn lost the county championship to Oregon City in a spectacular game on the local court.
    During the past two years the Lions have played 40 games and not one player during this time, has been removed from the floor because of fouls. This record is one which has never been equaled in the history of the school. 


    Berard - Anderson - Campbell - Karbonski - Ingram - Irish - Ream
    Donald Ream, Guard
    Henry Irish, Center
    Ed Karbonski, Guard, Captain
    Clinton Campbell, Forward
    Tywman Anderson, Forward
    Alfred Berard, Forward



    Boys Football 1933

    West Linn High School's football team did not have a very successful season this year, but is was not as disastrous as the percentage column shows. They won 2, lost 4, and tied 1, but two of the games were lost by one touchdown.
    The Lions ended the season with a 13 - 0 victory over the fighting Newberg team. Captain Carl Larson, tackle, was awarded the Bernie Herrmann Trophy for being the most inspirational player on the team. 


    Don Rawlins, End
    Hardy Young, End
    Ken Anderson, Guard
    Ray Fugate, Tackle
    Carl Larson, Tackle, Captain
    Don Davis, Guard
    Al Berard, Halfback

    Ed McMillan, Halfback
    Ralph Young, Center
    Willard Taylor, Quarterback
    Elmer Howell, Fullback
    Porter Ross, Guard
    Gus Meyers, Guard
    Lester Fallon, Tackle

    Girls Baseball 1933


     Due to the fact that the Annual is coming out before the baseball teams have been chosen, the team for last year is taken for the pictures.

    Girls Basketball 1933


    Paula Mattle, Forward
    Marion Emmott, Guard
    Clara Rauch, Jump Center
    Opal Hinds, Side Center
    Louise Sievers, Side Center

    Beryl Turner, Jump Center
    Florence Thompson, Forward
    Emma Matile, Forward
    Verle Zimmerman, Forward

    Boys Golf 1933
    The West Linn Golf team has made a record this year of which they are very proud. West Linn won the championship of the district be defeating the strong Parkrose team and the Oregon City golf team. 


    Oscar Wanker, Captain
    James Pollard
    Robert Blyth
    Clifford Smith

    Boys Swimming 1933
    Swimming is the newest Varsity sport, shows every indication of becoming very popular and successful. 


    Team Members: Scroggins, McMillan, Everett Gary, Charles Barnes, George Patterson, George Rogers, Elmer Howell and Ray Fugate.

    Boys Tennis, 1933
    The Annual was printed before the season was fairly started but the team is off to a flying start having won all matches with the exception of a practice match with Benson Tech of Portland. 


    Team Members: Everett Gary, Edward Quade, John Mills and Charles Ingram

    Boys Track, 1933
    Track work at West Linn this year is progressing rapidly with a good sized turnout of both new and last year's material.
    The team looks forward to the meets with keen anticipation of taking high honors in the contests. 
    List of team members not available