WLHS Sports 1929


    WLHS Sports 1929

    1929 Boys Baseball Team
    "At the time of this writing the West Linn baseball team has seen one of the most successful seasons in the
    history of the school. To date the team has won four games and has lost but one." 1929 Green & Gold
    1929 Boys Baseball
    L. Rands - Third Baseman, J. Rands - Second Baseban, V. Decker - First Baseman, Robert Fox - Pitcher, Kenyon
    Davidson - Catcher, Eugene Wymore - Shortstop, Sam Nixon - Right Fielder, Randolph Herndon - Center Fielder,
    Dennis Holland - Left Fielder


    1929 Boys Basketball Team
    Randolph Herndon - Guard, Vyron Decker - Center and Captain, Lyman Koellermeier - Forward, Sam Nixon - Guard.
    Albert Carnor - Guard, Lawrence Randall - Center, Raymond Wallace - Forward, Dennis Holland - Forward,
    Kenyon Davidson - Forward


    1929 Girls Baseball Team
    The girls baseball team has had a very successful season this year. They have played some of the best teams of the
     district and succeeded in winning the majority of them.
    Margaret Thompson, Yvonne Davidson, Eunice Morrell, Irene Tucker, Olga Turel, Josephine Zaniker,
    Catherine Shadle, Lela Warren, Hazel Shinkle, Sonora Browne and Mabel Carr.


    1929 Football Team
    The big game of the season with with the Oregon City High School team on the Municipal field. Both teams were
    determined to win. In the first two minutes of play the Red and Whites managed to cross our goal and convert the
    extra point. In the quarter West Linn also scored a touchdown but failed to make the extra point. At the half the score
    stood OC 7, WL 6. In the second half Oregon City again started for a touchdown but was held on the WL 5 yard line
    for downs. On the next play Lenard Rands was called back for an end run. Starting behind his own goal line he ran
     through the entire Oregon City eleven for a touchdown; the extra point was made and the game ended 13 to 7 in
    West Linn's favor.

    By winning this game, West Linn gained permanent possession of the cup offered by the Oregon City Chamber of
    Vyron Decker - Captain and Fullback, Russell Dumnire - Guard, Robert Giles - Guard, Sam Nixon - Tackle,
    James Leekey - End, Albert Cranor - End, Dan Wheadon - Center, Lenard Rands - Halfback, Dean Brumbaugh - Guard,
    Eugene Wymore - Halfback,Clarence Riley - End, Chester Jarrets - Tackle, Robert Maguire - End, Donald Harkleroad -
    Tackle, James Rands Quarterback, Dennis Holland - Halfback


    1929 Girls Basketball Team
    The girls team has had a very successful season this year. They have played a very good brand of basketball and
    played against all the large schools of the district, besides taking on some of the other teams of the state.
    With the excellent coaching of Miss Baker, they were able to claim the district championship.
    Irene Tucker - Guard, Josephine Zaniker - Forward, Margaret Thompson - Forward,
    Una Robertson - Side Center, Cleo Hinds - Center
    Nona Rosburg - Guard, - Lela Warren - Guard, Hazel Shinkle - Forward, Eunice Morrell - guard, Alice Stangel - Guard