WLHS Drama 1929

  • WLHS Drama 1929

     1929 Faculty Play - "Green Stockings"

    For the first time in the history of West Linn High School the faculty presented a
    play to the public. On the evening of February 14, 1929, at 8 o'clock the curtain
    went up on the three-act comedy, "Green Stockings". As each new character
    appeared upon the stage peals of laughter broke out from the full audience.

    The play was directed by Miss Pearson, who also played the lead.

    1929 Faculty Play

    CAST:: Mr. Brown, Mr. Gary, Mr. Howard, Mr. Cook, Mr. Gould, Mr. Oppenlander, Mr. Gould, 
    Miss Pearson, Miss Bennett, Miss Buse, Miss Moore, Miss Horton

    1929 Student Play- "What Happened to Jones"

    On May 17, 1929, the three act comedy, "What Happened to Jones", was presented
    to the public by the Senior Class of West Linn High School.

    The play was ably directed by Miss Pearson, Miss Moore and Mr. Howard. Irwin Lange
    was chosen business manager and Alyce Dwyer property manager.

    1929 Student Play
    CAST: Raymond Wallace, Flora Hancock, Josephine Zaniker, Carl Bethke, Bernard Davis, 
    Russell Dunmire, Mildred Vahle, Jeannette Roberts, Audrey Shipley, Betty Merrick,
    Standley Chapman,Helen Hall, Margaret Lange