WLHS Drama 1930

  • WLHS Drama - 1930

    1930 Junior Play - "The Patsy

    Another dramatic success of the year was the Junior Play. "The Patsy", presented Friday evening, March 21, under the direction of Miss Gayle Edgerton and Miss Jean Moffett.
    Stanley Chapman, Helen Hall, Barbara MacDuffee, Lucille Emerson, Robert Rands, Elwood Dunmire, Zena Donis, Elmo Eby, Bill Anderson.

    1930 Junior Play Actors









    1930 Senior Play - "Second Childhood"

    "Second Childhood" a three act comedy, was presented by the seniors Thursday evening, April 10.

    The play was coached by Miss Lucille Pearson, with the help of Mixx Mae Horton and Mr. Harold Cook, senior advisors.

    WLHS 1930 Play Actors


    Fred Croissant, Glen Herndon, Bonnibelle Littlefield, Carl Bethke, Beth Anderson, Edith DeMoy, Jo Zaniker, Viola Criteser, Margaret Lange, Chester Jarrett.

    1930 Student Body Play - "Kempy"

    The play "Kempy", a three act comedy, written by J.C. Nugent and Elliott Nugent, was selected by Miss Lucille Pearson and Mr. Curtis Gould to be presented by the Student Body on the evening of November 22 in the West Linn High School auditorium.

    The story is about a high falutin' daughter who, in a fit of agitation, marries the young plumber-architect who comes to fix the water pipes. The humor of the story lies mainly in the actions of her father, who doesn't understand her.

    WLHS Student Body Play

    Gladys Davis, Raymond Wallace, Vivian Hughes, Betty Merrick, Lee Riley, Sonora Brown, Robert Carter, Bernard Davis.